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Owl Wedding Ring Bearer

Welcome to Silent Witness to WOW! Owl Wedding Ring Bearer

beautiful-girl-with-owlWe have been flying birds (Owls, Eagle and other Birds of Prey) for over 10 years and all our birds are flown/trained daily and are familiar to all environments and situations. Silent Witness to WOW! Owl Wedding Ring Bearer

We want your day to run as smoothly as possible and this begins with arriving in good time allowing us to settle the Owl. We will meet the best man or whoever is going to receive the rings then in turn talk through the procedures.

When the guests begin to arrive we will remain out of sight so as to maintain the surprise, then when called for, our Owl will elegantly and silently fly down the aisle and land on the offered gloved hand. Photos can then be taken before the Owl is called back to a waiting bird handler.

Our unique services:
• Owl Ring Bearer
• Wedding Ring Bearer
• Meet and Greet
• Bird Handling
• Falconry Displays
• Butterfly Release

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